No Silent Nights: Frosty's Fallout

Event Swag

Event Details

price: $50 Pre-Registration
$65 Walkon Registration
$50 - $85 Paint (field paint only)
when: December 4th - 6th 2015
where: Combat Zone Oroville, California
  • 14 Hours Day Play split between 2 days and 4 Hours of Night Play w/Lighted Areas on Saturday night.
  • Unlimited HPA Air 4500 refills to keep that paint flying.
  • Multiple Raffles through out the weekend upping your odds at winning something awesome!.
  • Vendors in case you forgot something.
  • The best West Coast Onsite Camping, grass, shade, and even river access.
  • We will even have Food, Hot Drinks and a Pancake Breakfast
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Event Story (short)

Twas a week or two before Christmas, when all through the lands,
every child was stirring, some even losing their hands.

No stockings were hung, but on their feet where they go,
the post-apocalypse was getting colder, no thanks to the snow.

Frosty the Snowman is back with a vengeance. No longer will he or his war-ready companions sit back and wait for another summer to come and melt them away. Unfortunately this is killing off all of Old Nicks clients, and whats Christmas without the clients opening presents under their trees?

Do you battle for Christmas or for the lives of the snow folk? Choose your side!

Event Itinerary

  • 3 pm Check In Open
  • 4 pm PUG's - Open Field
  • 6 pm CCM 3-Man Pump Tourney
  • 8 pm Prop Check In
  • 10 pm Field Should be Closing

  • 7 am Check In Opens
  • 7 am Breakfast
  • 8 am Captains Meeting
  • 9 am Event Briefing / Pre-Reg Giveaway
  • 10 am GAME ON
  • 12 pm Pistol Deathmatch
  • 1 pm Lunch Break
  • 2 pm GAME ON
  • 6 pm Dinner Break
  • 8 pm Night Briefing / Saturday Raffle
    (all players get 1 ticket at morning briefing, additional tickets can be purchased)
  • 8:15 pm NIGHT GAME ON
  • 12 am Night Game Raffle

  • 8 am Check In Opens
  • 8 am Breakfast
  • 9 am Sunday Briefing
  • 10 am GAME ON
  • 3 pm Break
  • 3:30 pm Final Battle
  • 4 pm Awards / Points / Sunday Raffle
    (all players get 1 ticket at morning briefing, additional tickets can be purchased)
  • Twas a week or two before Christmas, when all through the lands,
    every child was stirring, some even losing their hands.

    No stockings were hung, but on their feet where they go,
    the post-apocalypse was getting colder, no thanks to the snow.

    The children all huddled under rags and rot,
    while visions of warmth harassed every thought.
    Mamma holding us all, and I just wishing for some sun,
    had just settled our bodies frozen and numb.

    ”Back to your jobs, your lives I once again spare and grant you. Just follow the simple rules.”

    That was it, no threats, no I told you so’s, nothing. Old Nick simply forgave the Elves. After all he understands the chaos he had tempered within them so long ago. No punishment would be just, nor would it put toys under the trees and toys under trees was still goal number one. Something was amiss however, something that may threaten that which he once again worked so hard to obtain. His clients were dying off at an alarming rate. Not from the normal woes of the post-apocalypse: hunger, sickness, or themselves. It was simply too cold and growing worse day by day. He struggled to find the answer as did Rudolph and the rest of his scouts. A source could not be found, it was as if another ice age was passing through. Old Nick was almost ready to accept this as an answer until one day he was preparing himself a hot cocoa and took to staring at the mug that Frosty the snowman had given him so many years past. He hadn’t seen frosty in months. In fact the last time he was seen was during the takeover. Perhaps he would be able to shed some light on this chilling blight.

    Rudolph was sent with an escort of reindeer and elves along with a sleigh packed full of gifts for Frosty and friends. A day before their expected return, Rudolph came crashing in alone and badly wounded with a half dozen or so icicles stuck in his flank. Mrs. Clause was the first to him, screaming at a random elf to bring her the medical kit. Once he came around, the questions began. Mrs Clause was told a story of horrors. “We found Frosty at the center of the cold surrounded by armies made from ice. Frosty kept thundering the same madness over and over, and the icy winds carried through the skies “RUN RUN, I AM GOING TO HAVE MY FUN! NEVER AGAIN WILL I MELT AWAY!”” Rudolph gasped and choked back the pain as he finished his story. “His armies unleashed with a flurry of icicles the sleigh went down first in a explosion of presents. I barely made it out.” He broke into a fit of coughing spitting up blood and partially digested hay. “That's enough Rudy, rest now” Mrs Clause tried to interject. Rudolph shrugged her off with a wave of his hoof. “Old Nick needs to know this... Frosty had a machine beside him. Seemed to be something terrible. It had a big sign that read ~Frosty's Snow Globe Maker~. The machine was spouting snow and ice into the skies...tell him.” Mrs. Clause nodded as she injected him with a heavy sedative. As he slipped back into the bliss of unconsciousness she warned him that he may never fly and most every day will hurt. She had partially hoped he hadn’t heard her.

    Old Nick was across the room, quietly listening in the shadows to Rudolph's story, the fury and rage growing within him. Frosty was his friend, an old companion from the times when things were good. They had a great thing together for a long time, record deals, T.V. shows, heck the profit from royalties alone was enough to feed most third world countries. Old Nick couldn’t make sense of it. Sure frosty sorta had it rough, when it got a little warm he melted.. big deal? A simple little hat trick and poof all is well. All of that however was now behind them. A line had been crossed. Not only was Rudolph was one of Old Nick’s most trusted and closest advisers he was also one of Frosty’s friends. Frosty’s actions require punishment and the whole thing about the snow machine and killing off the children and their parents had to be answered for also.
    Santa's Slayers
    Color: Red
    General: Old Nick
    XO: Shinny Upatree
    Medic: Mrs. Clause
    Engineer: Bushy Evergreen
    Demolitions: Rudolph
    Frosty's Freezers
    Color: Blue
    General: Frosty
    XO: Crystal the Snowman
    Medic: Sam the Snowman
    Engineer: Jack Frost
    Demolitions: Abomidable Snowman
    Combat Zone
    4444 Pacific Heights Rd.
    Oroville, California 95945

    Riffles RV Campground
    4515 Pacific Heights Rd.
    Oroville, CA 95965

    Riffles is an awesome campground located right next door to Combat Zone. The camp area features green grass, running water, coin-op showers and real bathrooms with flushing toilets. Oh and did we mention the Feather River? Ya that's right, the campground is bordered by the Feather River, so when it gets hot, you will have a place to retreat to. If you feel the need camp fires are ok as long as they are in a raised pit.

    Motel 6 Oroville
    505 Montgomery St.
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305329400

    Villa Court Inn Oroville
    1527 Feather River Blvd.
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305333930

    Super 8 Oroville
    1470 Feather River Blvd.
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305339673

    Budget Inn
    1475 Feather River Blvd.
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305332121

    Days Inn Oroville
    1745 Feather River Blvd.
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305333297

    Sunset Inn Oroville
    1835 Feather River Blvd.
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305338201

    Dahls Motel
    2010 Feather River Blvd.
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305347392

    Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
    550 Oro Dam Blvd E
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305345566

    Americas Best Value Inn
    580 Oro Damn Blvd E
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305337070

    Gold Country Casino and Hotel
    4020 Olive Hwy.
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305384560

    Lodge at Feather Falls
    3 Alverda Dr.
    Oroville, CA 95965
    P: 5305333855

    *Team discount when registering 15 players or more at a time. Discount only applies when when registration is done at the same time. For more information see: Team Discount