Airship Construction and Use Rules


  • 5 passengers per airship not counting pilot.
  • Can bomb locations but not people.
  • Passengers cannot fire markers, attack or take any actions while in transport other than unloading from transport.
  • Passengers must either have jetpack, parachute, rope, etc to get off an airship while in flight.
  • Passengers may unload from an airship while it is landed.
  • A passenger must run completely around airship to load.


  • No cardboard. If it must be used it cannot be identifiable. Cardboard is lame.
  • If to be used at night, must have adequate lighting and colored lighting to designate team. Also a flashing red light to show when it has been disabled.

Event Specific Construction

  • Super Epic Loot Quest: Airships must be constructed with helium balloons
  • Battle of the Steel: Airships for Battle of the Steel must be high-tech and look awesome.
  • Lunatics: Airship must look like a helicopter.
  • No Silent Nights: Airship must resemble Santa's Sleigh.