Mech and Armor Construction and Use Rules

Mech/Power Armor Use:

  • All mechs and power armor must be approved by staff.

Mech/Power Armor Combat:

  • Paintballs and Melee weapons do not effect Mechs.
  • Paintballs do not effect Power Armor
  • To kill a mech: 2 Rockets (1 rocket imbolize, another to destroy) or 1 satchel charge.
  • To kill a Power Armor: 1 rocket, 1 satchel charge, or a successful melee attack.

To put a mech on the field

  • Requires Fuel

Mech Repair:

  • Mech can repair at their Repair Station for free.
  • Field Repair: If Immobilized - Engineer can use resource to repair.
  • If destroyed, Mech must go back to Repair Station or be "Recovered" by an engineer and taken to the closet owned flag. Engineer then uses resources to repair.

Mech/Power Armor Requirements for Night Play:

  • Both Mech's and Power Armor must have a flashing light to show when they have been killed.
  • Mech's may only be killed by satchel charge or similar close range demolitions device.
  • Mech's must be accompanied by a well lit dead player at all times.

Mech and Power Armor Construction:

  • Girl and boy parts must be protected.
  • No cardboard.
  • Paintball mask required.
  • No sharp edges or protrusions.
  • No cardboard.

Power Armor vs Mech

  • Power Armor is defined as:
    • Suit of armor that covers atleast 80% of the pilots body.
    • Torso required.
  • Mechs are defined as:
    • Suit of armor that covers atleast 100% of the pilots body.
    • Minimum of 1 build in range weapon, IE: Rocket Launcher or Paintball Marker.