Scenario Paintball Rules

Failure to comply with any of the following rules may result in your card being punched,(3 strikes your out) or your self being removed from the event.

  1. Basics
    2. No cheating. Its pretty lame.
    3. Do not loose any of your ID cards, replacements will not be given.
    4. No alcohol or drug use (including any legal medications that may alter your physical state or mental awareness) at any time during the event.
    5. No pets. Exceptions: Devilman and Mongo.
    6. Don't shoot wildlife. You will leave and not be allowed back. If its a dangerous animal, alert others around, leave the area and contact staff or a referee.
    7. Field waivers are mandatory to enter play area.
    8. Use event paint only or paint that has been cleared by staff.
    9. Use of smoke or other such devices must be cleared with staff.
    10. DO NOT argue with referees or judges. Their word is final.
    11. No knives or weapons on the field.
    12. No tools to adjust markers are allowed on the field.
    13. No firing of any kind off the field or away from chrono stations.
    14. No foul language or cursing will be tolerated.
    15. No physical contact with another player ever. High fives = sexual harassment suits.
    16. No airsoft or squirt guns. Squirt guns off field are fine. Especially in august!.
    17. State and federal laws still apply.
  2. Safety Rules
    1. MASKS must be on at all times when in play area.
    2. BARREL BLOCKING DEVICES must be in place when not in play.
    3. VELOCITY All guns must be chronoed at 285 for daytime play and 260 for night. A referee will be standing by to punch your ID tag and record your ID number.
    4. PROXIMITY at 20ft ask for a surrender, if the player does not surrender you may shoot them. Surrender is NOT mandatory! They may try and shoot you be ready for it.
    5. AIR will be provided by us. Use of your own refilling equipment is prohibited except in the case of co2 cartridges.
    6. MARKED BOUNDARIES AND ENTRANCE/EXITS are to be respected.
    7. BLIND FIRING will not be tolerated. If you can't see where your barrel is pointing, do not pull the trigger.
    8. OVERSHOOTING will not be tolerated.
    9. SAFETY BRIEFINGS are mandatory!
  3. Gameplay
    1. HITS to any part of the body or the players equipment count as an elimination. A player may call for a paint check if there is a ref around to do so. During night play any hit counts regardless if its a break
    2. RESPAWING is done at a players main base, or at a flag under your sides control.
    3. ARMBANDS must be worn at all times. If a player eliminates another without the proper armband the elimination does not count. No changing armbands.
    4. ROCKETS eliminate solid objects and players within a 25 foot radius of the rockets initial impact. No homemade rocket launchers.
    5. BARREL TAGS AND KNIFE KILLS are allowed as long as its kept under control and never done with the point of the device.
    6. MEDICS heal players. Medics must physically wipe the paint from the player within 1 minute for the player to be healed and reinserted.
    7. ENGINEERS build stuff.
    8. DEMO blows stuff up.
    9. GENERAL leads the show.
    10. BASE OVERRUNS happen when an opposing players blows up the base or is inside the enemy base and declares himself...? stabs people?
    11. DEAD PLAYERS don't talk and don’t walk! Also remember: A barrel blocking device on your marker indicates a dead player and if you call yourself out, you are out.
    12. ROLE PLAY may continue OFF FIELD if you are a designated role player. Please be considerate with your actions and intents. Example: Porta-Poties for obvious reasons and the acts being done within are off-limits to role-play.
  4. Props
    1. All props will be checked and OK'd by event staff. Props may be issued at set points during play by event staff.
    2. The more props the merrier... However, some props may be added or pulled out of play to facilitate current game play flow.
  5. Tanks/Mechs/PUGS/Giant Beetles/”Aerial” Vehicles
    1. All vehicles will be checked and OK'd by event staff.
    2. Vehicle rules will likely be "Scenario Specific" for each event. Please attend ALL safety briefings for latest information.
  6. Night Play
    1. Velocity will be set to 260 FPS or below. Markers only. No LAW or rockets allowed.
    2. No high-frequency strobe lights allowed. If asked by a ref to stop using it, do so.
    3. No "blinding" lasers allowed. If asked by a ref to stop using it, do so.
    4. All hits count. No paint checks.
    5. No medics/surgeons at night.
    6. If issued, glow sticks MUST be worn for night play. No off color glow sticks allowed.
    7. Flashlights, night vision are allowed at players discretion.