Scenario Paintball FAQ

Q: What is scenario paintball?

A: Scenario paintball is paintball... plus some. Scenario games are a big mess of paintball, story, roleplay, props, costumes and general tomfoolery all squished up into a weekend of themed mayhem. All of the basic rules of paintball apply in Scenario games but there are a lot of... modifications. There is usually a theme and story played out during the weekend. Also, please read the Scenario Paintball Rules.

Q: How is it played?

A: There are two sides or 'teams'. Each side is commanded by a 'General'. The General runs his side (many time 100+ players) on a campaign against the other General. A Scenario Game consists of many hours of continuous pay. Each General has a Command Post (CP) to control his army from. Missions are run to gain points to win the game.

Q: How long is the game?

A: Scenario Games are typically weekend long games with many hours of continuous play on both Saturday and Sunday. There is a night game Saturday night. Sometimes there are small Friday night games also.

Q: What is roleplay?

A: Roleplay is an extension of the theme and story aspect of the Scenario Game. Players can opt to roleplay as a character relating to the theme or story. Roleplayers play a significant part in gaining points for their side. Roleplay is done BOTH on and off the field of play. Many players dress the role. Let's see your costume

Q: What constitutes a Mission?

A: Missions are the main point generator for the Scenario Game. The Event Organizer will unfold the basic story line of the scenario by issuing preplanned Missions periodically from Central Command to each side’s Command Post (CP). The General will then appoint these missions to individuals or groups to accomplish for points. There are multiple types of missions including Tactical and Roleplay missions.

Q: Props? What are these props?

A: Props are the physical manifestation of our imaginations. Depending on Scenario theme and story, props can be key components to missions, point making and mischievous fun. Make it, bring it, get it approved by Event Staff and let your imaginations run wild.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Whatever makes you comfortable. We encourage dressing to the theme and story of the Scenario Game. Dressing up silly just makes everything fun, doesn't it?

Q: What do I do when eliminated?

A: You have choices. You may call for a MEDIC if MEDICS are in play. You may RESPAWN at a base or flag and continue play. You may leave the field to hydrate/eat, etc. You may dance if you want to.

Q: Who am I? How do I know what is going on?

A: I don't know who you are. To find out what's going on check out the weekend itinerary or go ask your General.

Q: I'm hungry. Is there food?

A: Yes. Food and drink available at Fatal Scenario games.

Q: Do I bring paintballs to the Scenario Game?

A: No. Fatal Scenarios are FIELD PAINT ONLY games. No outside paint allowed on site.

Q: What if it rains, snows, lavas or any other unpredictable nonsense mother nature throws at us? Do I get a refund?

A: Negative you pansy! Get out there and play in the rain or snow, but please keep away from the lava.